Westside Bee Boyz, LLC consists of local Chicago urban beekeepers Thad J Smith and John Hansen who have over 40 years of combined beekeeping experience.

Westside Bee Boyz, LLC
Chicago's First Apiary Services Company

Founded in 2014, Westside Bee Boyz is committed to keeping, educating, and promoting urban beekeeping and honeybees as well as, other pollinators. Located in the heart of Chicago’s Westside, it is our goal to serve the city’s bees and beekeepers as stewards to both.

The City of Chicago has a long history of urban beekeeping. Unlike other metropolitan cities, such as: New York, Paris, Amsterdam, and Los Angeles; beekeeping has been an accepted and virtually unregulated urban agricultural venture for decades. With an established base of urban beekeeping along with the city’s long history, Westside Bee Boyz seeks to assert themselves in providing Chicago’s urban beekeepers with a reliable, knowledgeable, and sustainable source for beekeeping needs.

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