About Us

Westside Bee Boyz LLC consists of local Chicago urban beekeepers with over 50 years of combined beekeeping experience.

Founded in fall of 2014, we have grown from managing hives to owning our own apiary in Chicago's southwest suburbs with over 50 hives. Currently we manage hives across the Chicagoland area including Chicago's downtown rooftops. We provide consulting services and beekeeping management as well as selling bees, beekeeping equipment, and our own urban raw honey at local farmer's markets. We are currently working on creating a locally crafted beverage that incorporates our honey, so stay tuned! We pride ourselves in taking the natural approach to beekeeping by avoiding potentially harmful chemicals and man-made medicines. We aim to strengthen local honey bee populations by broadening the genetic diversification through local queen rearing. Someday we wish to start a drone-sharing program across Chicago to promote this goal. The City of Chicago has a long history of urban beekeeping. Unlike other metropolitan cities, such as: New York, Paris, Amsterdam, and Los Angeles; beekeeping has been an accepted and virtually unregulated urban agricultural venture for decades. With an established base of urban beekeeping along with the city's long history, Westside Bee Boyz seeks to assert themselves in providing Chicago's urban beekeepers with a reliable, knowledgeable, and sustainable source for beekeeping needs.